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red-mini-restoredThe East Anglian Mini Centre was established in 1989 on a disused airfield site near Woodbridge in Suffolk by Ted Sparrow.

Ted has always been an enthusiast of the Mini right from when he left school in the 70’s and went straight into the motor trade.  The other mechanics never binary trading platform wanted to work on mini’s moaning that they were too awkward, Ted therefore “cut his teeth” on these fantastic little cars and soon built up a regular clientele for the garage where he worked and has never looked back since.

Ted soon realised there was a gap in the marketplace in the Eastern Counties for a mini specialist.


Visitors came from far and wide and soon a very strong customer base was built necessitating in a move to larger premises to cater for all mini related services such as Spares, Repairs, Accessories and unrivalled restoration work became a speciality.

The business was scaled down in 1995 due to financial constraints and moved to smaller premises with Ted only doing weekends and days off from a ‘proper’ job!


Keeping The Dream Alive

However, this interim period allowed Ted to build, compete and maintain a Mini saloon in National Autograss racing all over the country as well as maintaining a number of cars whose owners have remained faithful to him.  Indeed, it is mainly due to these customers who have persuaded Ted to re-open his doors again.

In 2008, Ted began the search for new premises. The Mini had now achieved ‘classic car’ status, something that Ted always knew should have happened a long time ago. The BMW Mini was enjoying new found fame and Ted knew there would be owners looking for a fair and reliable service centre for these cars as well.

2009 saw the East Anglian Mini Centre re-open on a larger scale than ever before, nearly 6000 sq ft of space dedicated to the Mini.

The response was phenomenal! Ted, and Asa, who had been with him in the early years, worked all hours due to the demand and it soon necessitated in taking on another pair of hands.

Ted managed to talk his son, Nik, into coming on board. With Nik’s knowledge and expertise in running large workshops the business really boomed.

2014 sees the Mini Centre now boasting 5 mechanics and 2 office staff and moving again into new premises in June. Watch this space!!

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